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Winter is filled with easily recognizable holiday activities- from spinning a Dreidel, to gifting in the name of Santa Claus- everyone has a tradition that stands out. Phi Delta Theta is no different.

You may wonder where we are going with this… Our point is that although people from different backgrounds celebrate different holidays, we can all agree that traditions are important. Traditions foster a sense of community and timelessness among celebrants; taking part in traditions bonds us in unique and memorable ways.

Santa, one of the most recognizable figures in the world (next to the Air Jordan symbol that is), is based off the 4th Century Greek-Christian Bishop Saint Nicholas. This particular saint is known for his generosity to the poor and his dedication to his beliefs. To honor his generosity, it became tradition to give and receive gifts during the month of December, particularly on December 6th and 25th.

Celebrated by almost every fraternal organization in the country, Founders Day is very much our Christmas. It is a time to honor the members who started PDT- without them none of our experiences would be possible. We recognize these influential Brothers by reflecting on the original purpose and morals of the fraternity, similar to how people give gifts to honor St. Nicholas’s generosity.

If Santa’s gifting isn’t for you, you may be familiar with the popular Driedel game. Associated with Hanukkah, families gather around after dinner to play and celebrate the Holiday. Although there is some dispute over the origin of the dreidel, a popular explanation is that the letters represented on the game piece stand for, “a great miracle happened there.” This is in reference to the miracle that happened at the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem when oil that was supposed to light the menorah for one day lasted for eight days.

Much like families gathering to spin the driedel, as Brothers we participate in intramural sports. These games may seem like just a fun way to pass the time, but they accomplish so much more. Intramurals create memories and shared experience between brothers; they bond us. You will always remember that IM Soccer game you played in the rain that turned into a pseudo mud bowl, just like you might always remember that one time you were the reigning dreidel champion all through Hanukkah.

Traditions present an opportunity to reflect on the past year and they form ties that bind us together. While you reflect on your favorite holiday traditions, don’t forget to think about your other family- the Phi Delta Thetas that were there for you during some of the best years of your life.

Wishing you a wonderful, memorable, and tradition-filled holiday season.