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Since you’ve graduated, you’ve decided to fight for many different things- you’ve invested and bettered yourself because you had a personal stake in the outcome. Your “fights” have won you a higher wage, a family, a place to live, or even retirement.

We’re calling you back to the tribe.

We need you, our tribe of PDT brothers, to band together again, just as you did as undergraduates in your pledge classes. Think back to those years: somewhere between a dozen and two dozen men living in the house, occasionally having parties, having talks together, constantly working toward the benefit of the group…we are a tribe, like it or not.

The best thing the tribe can do is give to PDT- be it in the form of a donation to the annual fund, or a gift toward our ongoing capital campaign. By giving we provide a better tribe for future PDT brothers. In other words, making a donation to PDT not only helps you and the rest of the alumni, but will provide a better future for the undergraduates joining in the near future. The best thing you can do as an alumni is fight to preserve Phi Delta Theta, and all the memories and traditions from your time there that you hold most important.

So we suppose it’s up to you: is your time and your experience at Phi Delta Theta worth fighting for? Is the brotherhood worth fighting for? You decide! Click the donate button to fight for the future of PDT!