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As an alumnus, you may not have North Carolina Beta Chapter at the top of your priority list. Maybe you’ve lost touch, maybe you’ve gotten caught up with your job, your family and a life of your own. There are many reasons you might not be as close to the chapter as you’d like, but there’s one big reason why you should be.

Without your help, there may not be a North Carolina Beta Chapter.

Think back to your time at Phi Delta Theta UNC; the pledging, initiation, the social events, the traditions and the brothers you still keep in touch with. Without alumni contributions, none of that would have been possible for you, just like without your contribution, it won’t be available for future generations of North Carolina Beta Chapter brothers.

Don’t let the years of traditions die out. Make a contribution to the future of Phi Delta Theta UNC today and help us guide future members to wholesome mental, moral, physical and spiritual growth.

So far, we’ve raised $14,849 towards our $30,000 goal. As Bon Jovi would sing, “Oh, we’re halfway there!” However, there’s still plenty of time left to change that! Thank you to those who have already contributed to the 2015-16 annual fund:

The Matthew Mason Society ($1,000+)
Carver Rudolph Jr. 1970
David Vonstorch 1980

The 1929 Founders Society ($500 - $999.00)
James Thomas 1951
Eugene Brigham Jr. 1952
Robert Page 1952
Pieter Hogaboom 1958
Robert Collier Jr., JD 1959
John Lindsay 1961
George Whitaker 1966
Ronald Bagwell 1968
Garnett Smith 1969
Stephen Holmes 1979
Patrick Nash 1981
Tucker York Jr. 1982
Robert Turner 1998

304 Columbia Street Society ($304-$499)
Donald Harley 1954
Douglas Monroe III 1978
Leon Edwards Jr. 1988

The Blue and White Society ($250 - $303.99)
Donald Millen 1959
David Alexandre * 2011
Joey Padgett * 2014

Tar Heel Club ($100 - $184.79)
Harry Watkins 1950
R. Lawson Jr. 1953
Wilson Cooper Jr. 1959
Boyd Harris III 1960
W. Kent Campbell 1962
Richard Vinroot 1963
John Steele 1966
Steven Bell 1967
Richard Parker III 1968
Van Fleming III 1969
Robert Steele M.D. 1969
William Aiken Jr. 1972
John Leachman Jr. 1973
Guy Graves 1975
Colin Brown II 1977
Jeffrey Little 1977
Frank Curran III 1978
Frank Dowd IV 1978
Victor Bell III 1979
Peter Pace 1983
Samuel Bratton 1986
Alexander Winstead 1986
William Abernethy III 1987
John Pope 1990
J. Dickinson 1992
David Russell 1992
James Young III 1994
John Jokinen 1995
S Winstead 1998
Phelps Reid 2003
Trevor Slaven * 2008
H.K. Hallett * 2014

Founders Club ($50 - $99.99)
Charles Crawley 1948
John Cauble 1956
Bud Hargrave 1956
Clarence Williford Jr. 1956
Marion Griffin M.D. 1957
Samuel Smith Jr. 1961
Kenneth Dickinson II 1963
Henry Parker 1970
Michael Kelly M.D. 1974
Aubrey Ford III 1975
David Hardy 1982
Barden Winstead Jr. 1982
Roger Montague 1995
Jackson Klug * 2015

Other (Up to $49.99)
William Hobbs 1958