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Last month we donated about 611 meals to the homeless shelter!

Chapel Hill Greek Life has been busy helping a local homeless shelter by delivering leftover food from the fraternity and sorority houses. Brother Louis Stephens is the Volunteer Coordinator for this program—GoMeals. We recently sat down for a brief Q&A with Louis:

Q: What does GoMeals do?
A: GoMeals delivers leftover food from fraternity and sorority houses to the local homeless shelter. We help eliminate food waste and hunger simultaneously.

Q: What is your role in GoMeals?
A: I’m the Volunteer Coordinator. My role includes outreach, recruitment and driver coordination. I also try to drive weekly to deliver food from Greek houses to the shelter. We’re a small operation that would benefit from a portal wherein Greek houses can directly connect with each night’s drivers – we don’t have that, so I help facilitate that communication.

Q: What is your favorite part of participating in GoMeals?
A: My favorite part of GoMeals is having the opportunity to interact with the men who work at the shelter. They’re humble servants.

Q: Why did you choose to join PDT UNC?
A: I joined Phi Delt because of the good friends.

Q: Do you think your time in PDT influences your time in GoMeals and vice versa?
A: Sort of – one point I would like to bring up is that we were able to coordinate our new members into GoMeals – the freshman drove every night, Monday-Thursday as part of a commitment to community service.