Notable Alumni

There is a long list of famous Phi Delta Theta brothers, which is not surprising at all considering the values we held that would attract men of character. Click “Read More” to learn about the many accomplishments of our distinguished Phi Delta Theta alumni. 

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The Benefits of Brotherhood

The true meaning of belonging to a fraternity can only be understood through experience, but there are also lifelong benefits that outwardly shape our personal relationships, our career paths, and our roles in our individual communities. Read more about these life-changing benefits.  

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Graduate Report

Senior Phi Delt Seth Pinosky Attributes Acceptance to Dental School To Fraternity Experience

Senior Seth Pinosky knew since he was in the 9th grade that he wanted to come to UNC for undergrad and go on to UNC’s Dental School. He accomplished the last one when one recent Saturday night, he finally got his acceptance letter from Carolina’s Dental School. Seth comes from a family of doctors, pharmacists, and dentists so it only felt natural to pursue a career in health care. Science has always been his strong suit, and he enjoys leading teams like he will have to do one day in dentistry.

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